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Our expert consultancy services are renowned worldwide. We have experience in acquiring and interpreting satellite images from over 60 different countries, on seven continents. We are capable of troubleshooting almost any problem that can occur with satellite imagery projects.


Standard processing of the majority of the space borne images includes radiometric and systematic geometric correction and transformation into a cartographic projection.

EARTHSCAN was formed in 1991 as a response to an increasing demand for medium to high resolution data and now has over two decades of experience in the remote sensing  industry. We have interpreted spectral data from high resolution aerial sensors and satellites for clients belonging to a variety of industries, including mineral exploration and environmental monitoring

At EARTHSCAN, we have built our reputation on the quality and precision of the work we've delivered. From the retrieval of imaging data to the final image processing, we understand your need for impeccable accuracy and image quality. Whether your project involves detailed project mapping or an overview of a large area or country, our satellite images, interpretation data and GIS projects are always delivered with above industry standards and accuracy, because we know that even the smallest inaccuracies can lead to increased project costs.

With more than two decades of experience in acquiring satellite images and airborne-sensed data, EARTHSCAN provides top quality satellite images and other remote sensing products, geographic information system (GIS) information and geological consultancy services. We are able to select the appropriate high resolution satellite images to suit your needs, and subsequently enhance the satellite image data to create accurate, interactive mapping projects.

Our geological, imaging, geographic information system (GIS) consultants are experienced in the extraction, manipulation and interpretation of satellite images and imaging data. This provides invaluable information to a broad spectrum of industries, including mineral exploration & mining, oil & gas exploration and environmental monitoring.


EARTHSCAN provides satellite images of the highest quality resolution from the GeoEye1, WorldView2, WorldView1,QuickBird, Pleiades and  Ikonos satellite imaging sensors, as well as the mid resolution satellites used for Geological and Spectral Interpretation. Landsat ETM and Aster (both 15 metre resolution) use wavelengths useful for the identification of alteration associated with mineralisation. Landsat includes near infrared bands which can discriminate rock types and map hydrothermal clays and visible bands that can be used to map iron oxides. Aster has two visible, one near infrared, six shortwave infrared and five thermal infrared bands which allow discrimination of epithermal clay minerals, iron oxides, silica, carbonate, mafics and propylitic alteration.

We work with image data supplied from many sources to procure the desired satellite image and data needed by your particular industry.


Accurate geo-referencing is paramount when creating useful satellite images, geographic information system (GIS) data layers, and projects. When the original data from the satellite or aerial sensors is transformed to display elevation terrain models every layer of data within a project must be perfectly overlaid through orthorectification. We are known for our excellence in creating GIS projects with flawlessly overlaid data and geo-referenced positions.

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